Viora® Reaction



Viora Reaction is the first and only FDA cleared device for fat reduction & skin tightening that uses a combination of deep heat, vacuum pressure and radio frequency. Vacuum therapy maximizes the penetration of the RF energy in the treatment area and increases local blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage & assists in the shrinkage of fat cell volume. Viora Reaction distributes heat evenly throughout the subcutaneous tissue, promoting collagen production and improving blood flow. This unique approach helps release collagen, which gives the skin its firm tone, thus reducing cellulite and dimpling while tightening any loose skin that may be present.


Reaction provides a new opportunity to melt fat from the inside out and tighten loose skin anywhere on the body – as well as the face, without surgery. Since Reaction utilizes radio frequency it is not a laser, making it an effective, nearly painless treatment. When your appointment is complete you can go back to your day with no signs that you’ve had a procedure. The only “prep” is drinking water before your session.   Treatments are typically spaced one week apart, with approximately 8 treatments needed for effective cellulite treatment and skin tightening. 1 maintenance treatment is recommended every 4-6 months to preserve the results. Viora reaction can be used on essentially every part of the face and neck. It is effective in smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, jowls, forehead, neck and décolleté What’s more, this treatment may be used to tighten the stomach area, hips, calves and under the arms

What you can expect

One treatment is 20 minutes – 1 hour depending on the areas of treatment. ReFit/ReLift is best described as a moderately comfortable treatment. After your treatment, you may notice some immediate benefits to your skin. Side effects may include some mild bruising or redness, depending on the condition of your skin and the depth of treatment. Those subside normally over the following few days. Improvements in tightening and cellulite are seen in the treated area after 4 -8 sessions with greatest improvements emerging 3 months after the last session. . Sign up today to improve loss of skin tone, appearance of cellulite, and skin tightening for aging & lax skin on the face and body. Visit to learn more about this revolutionary new treatment.

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