Dermaplaning is a gentle procedure that is more effective than microderm abrasion. It is usually done right before applying a peel or 10 days post peel. However, it is an excellent procedure on its own to remove dry, dull skin. A special tool is used that removes layers of dull skin, leaving the face baby soft with a healthy glow. Years of buildup can stop even the best of skin care from penetrating the outer layers of your skin and making it into where it can actually make a difference. Dermaplaning will remove that build up, along with any oil or debris that’s plugging pores, enhancing the penetration and absorption of topical treatment which allows even your daily products to work even better. Normal skin turnover has a one-month cycle, but you want that skin to turn over faster, Dermaplaning exfoliates the dead skin cells quicker, and from that increases the production of collagen, and gradually, you get tighter skin.