Stem Cell Lift

Stem cell therapy is no longer science fiction but a reality. Harvesting your fat has become the best source to retrieve stem cells to repair and restore a youthful appearance. Fat and bone marrow blood is where the non-embryonic adult stem cells are found to be most concentrated. Ground breaking technologies coupled with advanced non-invasive techniques have made it possible to harvest and concentrate these desired autologous multi potent adult stem cells. Once processed, these cells are released and activated. They can then be injected into another part of the body to restore, repair and rejuvenate. These stem cells are revolutionizing cosmetic procedures.

Botox® Cosmetic & Botox® Therapeutic

This amazing product is a purified protein. It tricks the brain to relax the muscles and smooth lines that etch the upper face. The procedure involves a series of tiny injections, which deliver a safe substance that relaxes the muscle where it is applied. This is our most desired procedure!

Voluma® Injectable Gel

Voluma® is a smooth consistency gel made of a hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring substance in your skin that helps to add volume and lift to your face – creating a much younger appearance by erasing depressions beneath the eyes, folds around the nose or mouth and creating natural lift and stronger angles with cheek and jaw lines. Our longest lasting filler at 18 months will give you the volume and correction you’ve been waiting for!


Radiesse® is FDA approved to replenish lost volume in moderate to severe wrinkles. This denser filler is used by advanced injection specialist to rebuild the lower jaw and cheek bones, resulting in a beautifully defined mid-face, jaw line, and neck. Radiesse longevity is a year or more!


Kybella® is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment to permanently remove fat, dramatically improving the look and contour of the double chin. This is a “no-down time” treatment! Most patients require 3 treatments (2-3 vials per treatment). A great alternative to liposuction! 

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

The most cutting edge treatment available for facial rejuvenation and hair restoration! Our professionals use the platelets in your blood to naturally give you restoration of hair, skin, scaring removal, and volume!

Medical Grade Peels

Rejuvenate skin that has lost its luster due to aging, the effects of sun damage, and other environmental factors. Our Medical grade peels reduce fine lines and pores without any down time.


Finally, a safe way to get rid of the visible veins that plague our legs! Get rid of those pesky reticular veins once and for all! 


An excellent, gentle procedure that is more effective than microderm abrasion in removing dry, dull skin.


Over years, your lashes may have thinned; Latisse® solution can help you grow them back within weeks! Latisse is a great product for re-growing your natural lashes longer and thicker than ever! 

Hormone Therapy Replacement

HRT is a good match for anti-aging and cosmetic medicine as well as the key to slowing the diseases of aging while restoring health and vitality thru the use of bio identical hormone replacement. 

We offer full panel blood draws and assessments prior and during hormone treatments!